The Sonic Pleasures of Christmas

by Michael and Adam

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Thank you so much for choosing to listen to this wonderful collection of original Christmas music. While you're here, I would like to tell you a little about this holiday project's inception..

The content of this disc, in its entirety, was written, arranged, and recorded in one night, and the disc itself was packaged the next afternoon. Thus, the production time for the CD you now hold in your hands was less than 24 hours. In fact, the songs appear on the CD in the order that they were written and recorded. As I write this, the project is coming to a resolution and we are assembling the final pieces of the puzzle. We do indeed hope that you enjoy our Christmas songs , as we had a swell time putting them together for you. We have included a lyrics sheet as well for those of you who would like to sing along. Have a merry Christmas!


Adam Finchler and Michael Simpson


released December 13, 2007



all rights reserved


Adam Finchler New York, New York

Hi, I'm Adam, I make songs and videos. I play in the band FINCHLER.


9/17 - NJ - The New Alternative Music Festival

9/26 - NYC - Bowery Electric w/COFFIN (AUS)

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Track Name: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to your parents
Merry Christmas to your friends
Merry Christmas to them all

Merry Christmas at the party
Merry Christmas in the store
Merry Christmas at the mall

There is magic on the streets and inside the subway station
There is mistletoe and porking and the children playing in the snow

Merry Christmas to your dog
Merry Christmas to your cat
Merry Christmas to your fish
Track Name: Rock n' Roll Christmas
Rock n' roll Christmas! (5x)

It’s a rock and roll Christmas everybody, and you know what that means: mistletoe, eggnog, and old Saint Nick. Don’t forget to leave him some of mama’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. And speaking of delicious treats, take it JoJo!

Rock n' roll Christmas! (5x)

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everyone so full of holiday cheer. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to wish you a truly Rockin’ Christmas!
Track Name: Christmas Rap
Yo yo yo, it’s that time of year
So everybody spread that holiday cheer
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Come by train or ride the trolly
Christmastime is finally back
Let’s go eat a minty snack
Is there hair under Santa’s cap?
I don’t know but it’s a Christmas Rap!

Back when I was a little boy
All I wanted was that special toy
For one whole year I made noone pissed
In the hopes of making the ‘nice list’
I laid out the cookies and the milk
The night before the 25th
I went to sleep, I hoped and prayed
And my toy was there the very next day!

It’s a Christmas Rap!
Track Name: I Love You This Christmas
Oh my Darlin, you’re my special one
You are like the stars to me, you are the moon and the sun
I need your loving all year long
But only once a year do I get to sing this song

I love you, I love you this Christmas

Oh my Darlin, I’ve always loved you so
But my heart melts away when we’re walking though the snow
I want to tell the world my love and shout it out to the sky above
I can’t describe just how I feel, but nothing’s quite the same
Track Name: Punk Rock Christmas
Punk rock Christmas yeah yeah!

Dead Kennedys, they like Christmas
Sex Pistols, they like Christmas
Buzzcocks, they like Christmas
Minutemen, they like Christmas

Meat Puppets, they like Christmas
Bad Religion, they like Christmas
Blink 182, doesn’t like Christmas
But The Clash, they like Christmas

Angry Samoans, they like Christmas
Big Black, they like Christmas
Bad Brains, they like Christmas
And Neil Young, he likes Christmas!
Track Name: Ambient Christmas
Ambient Christmas... (whisper)

Ambient Christmas... (whisper)
Track Name: Christmas Rock
I ran downstairs to the Christmas tree
To see what Santa left for me
Nothing was there but a lump of coal
Brought all the way from the North Pole
Old Saint Nick had cast his vote on me

I saw that coal beneath the tree
It seemed just like it was laughing at me
My big smile turned into a frown
But I couldn’t take this sitting down
I knew just what I had to do

I took that big old lump of coal
Turned it into a ceramic bowl
Sold it on the internet
Santa never thought of that I bet
Now I’m stinkin rick and he’s still fat
Track Name: Maybe This Christmas
Maybe this Christmas, I’ll find my true love
If I keep on wishing on my lucky stars above
Oh somewhere, you’re out there
I know it must be so
But won’t you please find me, this Christmas

Maybe this Christmas, the children won’t starve
Maybe this Christmas, the world will learn to love
Oh someday, it’ll happen, I’ll be there when it does
But maybe, oh maybe, this Christmas
Track Name: Time Signature Christmas
Two/Four Christmas
Three/Four Christmas
Four/Four Christmas
Five/Four Christmas
Six/Eight Christmas
Seven/Eight Christmas
Eight/Eight Christmas
Nine/Eight Christmas